How We Create a Community

To Be, Belong, and Become

Guided by the vision of Sister MacCanon Brown and our Mission Statement, we work in community to build community.

Our dedicated staff, volunteers, community members, and partners come from every walk of life. Former MBHS guests, students, retirees, local businesses, faith-based groups, and the suburbs. It doesn't matter where people come from or what their personal background is, We work side-by-side, to serve our guests in a safe and respectful space.  In order to do this, we must

  • Unite in our compassionate response to witness suffering
  • Experience others as brother or sister no matter how different we are
  • Grow as one heart in a commitment to serve, embracing teamwork and mutuality as the instruments

MBHS strives to strengthen a sense of unity and belonging in the residents of the neighborhoods we serve. We recognize that there is not a division between those who serve and those in need. We are all part of a larger We.

Along with our twice a week Doorway Ministry, we engage in community building through events such as the annual Summer Family Fun Festival; sharing in the planting, tending, and harvesting of the 30 community gardens; crafting and drumming together; organizing neighborhood clean ups; gathering to end gun violence; and participating in the Christmas Love Event and toy distribution, and more.