Doorway Ministry

Doorway Ministry
Operating hours for Doorway Ministry services and donations: 
Tuesdays from 11 am - 1:30 pm, at 2461 W Center Street,

Doorway Ministry is a walk-in, first come-first served service. Anyone in need is welcome at Doorway Ministry. We serve households and individuals in the Greater Milwaukee area who are facing scarcity. We address basic human needs and are helping to reverse poverty and homelessness by providing food and other essentials. While we are primarily a walk-in service, MBHS also receives referrals from the Crisis line, and police send people in need from other parts of Milwaukee.

Providing guests with a week's worth of food is our primary goal. We also distribute hygiene products, clothing, coats, blankets, household products, bikes, and more. Volunteer nurses are available to meet with guests at DM. 
Currently masks are required.


Hot Meals
12:00 to 2:00 at Hephatha Lutheran Church, 1720 W. Locust St.

Hot Meals are part of our Fantastic Fridays at Hephatha Lutheran Church. Guests can eat a hot meal on site. We also have hot meals to go. Because meals are provided by friends and partners of MBHS, food varies week to week. 

Currently masks are required. Adults only. 

During summer heat waves, we call for donations of fans for distribution. Guests with medical issues may get an air conditioner. 
In the winter, we call for donations of space heaters, which are distributed at DM.

Go to Meet Essential Needs to see a more comprehensive list of ways we can help.